Welcome, the SJSU Computer Science club is available for students to unwind, grab a bite to eat and study.

Our Goals

We plan on hosting events for students to gain realy world experience, in a variety of ways.

  • Hacker Rank Computer Science related problems.
  • Team oriented student projects.
  • SJSU Algorithms practice group.


Joining is easy, just speak to an officer and best of all its free!


  • No throwing objects.
  • No form of abuse.
  • If open seat capacity is less than 5 seats, no GAMING except on safa areas.


Tutoring is FREE for students!
Now Hiring!
Talk to Matthew Pleva and send your resume to

Job Postings

All postings are paid in US Dollars ($).

If you would you like to announce a job posting please contact a club officer.

Create a LinkedIn profile and fill in as much information as you can.

Update your Github account with current projects, make sure they work, and try to have a constant stream of green on your status.

Useful Info

Here is some useful information we thought students might enjoy.

Git Workshop

How to use github workshops: Video

iOS Workshop

iOS workshop video: Video

Student Developer Pack